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Project Overview

Smyrna is already in an enviable position, having all of the fundamental components that are needed to be a thriving community. The goal now is to take Smyrna to the next level through a citizen-driven "Vision Plan." Residents and stakeholders will be engaged in implementing the initiatives set out in the City's plan for the next decade and beyond.  

Smyrna Vision Mission Statement:

Smyrna will achieve the highest levels of community attachment and commitment by: 

  • Providing academic excellence for our children
  • Fully involving our citizens in all aspects of the community
  • Creating leadership opportunities for all residents
  • Establishing high expectations for our quality of life and place
  • Creating a strong image and identity

Background Information:

Phase 1: Community Assessment

The original community assessments were completed in 2014 and consisted of 20 one-on-one individual interviews, 13 focus groups, and an online survey that reached 1,763 people. This research revealed a number of “storylines” from citizens and helped guide the formation of the Vision Plan.

Phase 2: Smyrna’s Vision Plan

The Vision Plan, consisting of 16 overarching goals for the City and 52 concrete initiatives, was informed by and reflective of the community input, research findings, and discussions with community stakeholders.

Phase 3: Implementation

Timely and effective implementation is critical to the ultimate success of Smyrna’s Vision. Five citizen-led work groups have been working diligently to carry out the initiatives of the plan. The work groups are as follows:

  • Quality of Place
  • Image and Identity
  • Involvement and Leadership
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Smyrna’s Schools


For questions or further information, please contact:

Maxwell Ruppersburg

City of Smyrna | Special Projects Coordinator




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